Oppose the Democrats’ Sham Impeachment

The Democrats are officially voting to formally begin impeaching President Trump. This entire impeachment process has been a sham and the Democrats will stop at nothing to destroy our duly elected President. Sign the petition below if you stand with President Trump and oppose the Democrats’ sham impeachment inquiry vote! By providing your e-mail address,…[Read More]

Support the 2nd Amendment

The House will vote this week on bills that will impose more regulations on gun ownership – weakening our 2nd Amendment Rights.   Support our constitutional rights by signing your name to the “Support the 2nd Amendment” petition to protect law-abiding citizens’ access to the resources they need to protect themselves and their families. 

Secure Border. Safer America.

First, Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats in Congress refused to work with President Trump to secure our borders. Then, President Trump acted to keep America safe and declared a National Emergency to secure our border. Now, Nancy Pelosi and the Democrat-controlled House will vote today to overturn President Trump’s national emergency to fund strong border security. President Trump…[Read More]