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Great job, Mr. President!

President Trump reported to Congress and the American people that the State of our Union is strong. In just his first year, President Trump delivered historic tax reform that is creating jobs, increasing wages and putting more money in your pocket. His policies are working and showing the world that America is once again open for business.

He also discussed how he is building a safe, strong and proud America– how we will rebuild America’s depleted infrastructure, and reform our immigration laws to secure our borders, build the wall and end chain migration. He also laid out a vision to rebuild our military and return to the policy of peace through strength.

President Trump’s plan is forward thinking, puts Americans first, and will unite us with patriotism and provide greater opportunities for America.

2018 State of the Union

Great job, Mr. President on you first State of the Union. I stand with you and will work to protect your majority in Congress.

Border Security is National Security

House Republicans are working with President Trump to build a wall and secure our border against illegal immigration, but Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats are playing politics.  Congress needs to provide the President the funding to build the wall, because Border Security is National Security.  Tell the House to fund President Trump’s border wall now!

Border Security is National Security

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I stand with Israel

President Trump followed through on his promise to recognize Jerusalem as the capitol of Israel and is exploring relocating the U.S Embassy to Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.  This decision demonstrates that the United States stands with Israel.

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Stand with Israel

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Get Rid of Obamacare Now!

We have to get rid of ObamaCare.  It’s in a death spiral and as it goes down, it’s destroying the healthcare marketplace.  Premiums have exploded.  Too many Georgians have just one healthcare insurer to choose from and that is not a choice.  It’s time to end the government takeover of our healthcare system.

Tell the U.S. Senate to repeal and replace ObamaCare now!

Obamacare Repeal and Replace

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A Time for Renewal

To me, spring is a time of renewal—for everything and everyone. New beginnings, new opportunities, a fresh new start.

Today marks the first day of Spring. Americans will also see this as the official beginning of spring cleaning—when we all examine carefully what we have, and decide what we need to discard.

In Washington, that is a LONG list.

Start with job-killing regulations and include tax loopholes, bureaucracy and red tape, and everyone’s least favorite healthcare plan—we have a lot of spring cleaning to do here in D.C.

I look forward to supporting President Trump and his energetic agenda. It’s a positive focus that has energized us in the House. There are plenty of changes that we want to see this year, and there’s no better time for those changes to begin than right now.

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