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Say No To Socialism

Democrats are pushing a socialist agenda in Washington that includes universal, government-run health care, higher taxes and bigger government to regulate our lives. President Trump declared in his State of the Union Address that “We are born free and we will stay free. America will never be a socialist country.” 

Join President Trump and SAY NO TO SOCIALISM by signing the petition below.

Say No To Socialism

Post State of the Union Survey – How Did the President Do?

Last night, President Trump delivered an outstanding State of the Union Address. To let me know what you think of the President’s speech, please complete the survey below.

2019 State of the Union - What did you think?

Every Life is Precious

As a strong Christian, pro-life issues are very important to me and these recent New York and Virginia late-term abortion bills should concern all Americans.

Sign the petition below if you believe that:

  • Every life is precious
  • Life begins at conception
  • Congress and the President must support measures that ensure the life of an unborn child is protected.

Join me in supporting the sanctity of life and fighting for those who cannot protect themselves.

Every Life is Precious

Border Security is National Security

House and Senate Republicans are working with President Trump to secure our borders and construct a barrier to stop the flow of illegal immigration.  Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer are playing politics and refuse to provide the funding to build the wall. Tell the Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer to work with President Trump and secure our borders now because Border Security is National Security!

Build the Wall!

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