“Georgia’s economy and the American economy are booming— and I’m making sure it stays that way. In Congress, I have cut taxes on the middle class so that families can take home more of their hard-earned money. Cutting taxes on businesses allows them to grow and pass on savings to their employees in bonuses and other forms. With your vote on November 6, I’ll continue to keep our economy growing.” – Congressman Rick Allen

Congressman Allen founded his own small business, aconstruction company with offices in Augusta and Athens, so he knows firsthand how to create jobs. In Congress, he is making sure our economy continues to grow by cutting taxes and getting government red tape out of the way of innovation and growth.

    • Tax cuts for middle-class families
    • Strongest economy in years
    • Lowest unemployment rates since 2001

Cutting Taxes on the Middle Class
Congressman Allen delivered on tax relief: lowering personal tax rates, doubling the child tax credit to $2,000 and giving tax incentives for family leave. In Georgia’s 12th Congressional District, a family of four earning an income of $60,658 will receive a tax cut of $1,688.

Creating Jobs
Congressman Allen voted to cut small business taxes by 40% to help create jobs and economic growth. Today, there are more people employed than any time in history – and wages are rising.

Preparing the Next Generation of Workers
Congressman Allen is focusing on improving career and technical education because he knows an educated workforce that knows more, will earn more. He worked to write and pass legislation that ensures local business leaders are involved in the development of career and technical education, thereby giving students the skills they need to compete for jobs in their local communities.