A Home Run for President Trump

President Trump is already proving that he is serious about keeping his campaign promises to the American people. He is prioritizing our needs and taking the necessary actions to get tangible results—starting with the state of our economy.

Our new president offers a kind of optimism that our country has been lacking for several years, and I am confident in our ability to grow as a nation with additional job opportunities and the possibility of economic mobility for all. In order for America to become the competitive force that is once was, we must take concrete action and we must take it now.

I will continue to do my part in Congress to stand up for my constituents and for our beloved Georgia. And I look forward to working in collaboration with President Trump to ensure that true progress is made for our country as a whole.

If you think President Trump’s speech last night was a home run—as I do—sign our petition to show your support! Let’s tell our president together how much it means to have new, positive energy in the White House.

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