Restoring Fiscal Sanity in Washington


When I first started a small construction business 40 years ago, I never could have dreamed the drastic increase in spending that our country is experiencing. It seems to me that all the Democrats want to do is spend, spend, spend, and refuse to fix the real problems with mandatory spending that will break the country if not addressed.

The other side is calling for more taxes, more spending, more money from our hardworking small business owners, more regulations… And unfortunately,more money from all of our pockets. When is enough for them?

That’s why — just like I said I would in my last campaign — I supported a Balanced Budget Amendment to the Constitution to ensure that our nation isn’t spending more than we take in.

I voted for a budget that balances in less than ten years — without raising taxes — and will put us once again in the black instead of the red.

I believe that being fiscally responsible is the only way to get our nation going back in the right direction, strengthen our economy, and preserve opportunities for future generations.

As a small businessman, I have signed both sides of a paycheck. I hear everyday about a family in need who somehow manages to sit down at the kitchen table and only spend what it takes to survive. That’s what Washington needs — a good dose of Georgia common sense. We need to get spending in Washington back on track. The futures of our children and grandchildren depend on it.